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The World is in Our Hands - Making a Difference

Clearly we are facing a crisis around the world, but especially at home.

Especially at home because we cannot expect the world to change for us, we must change for the world. Especially at home because we have the resources. Especially at home because we have for better and for worse assumed a major responsibility roll around the world. The world is in our hands. Now we must be the example, we must be the change; if we wish to dream a better world and manifest a new outcome. We need to start at home.

In our profession, as the people responsible for the security, life safety, policing, and emergency response, and as the people responsible for delivering the governance of our country; our laws and codes (construction and life safety in the built environment) we have a most special responsibility. People are trusting us first.

It’s really more of a privilege than a responsibility, we must be extra responsible – the example, and we must embrace our entire situation to understand and evolve. We must police ourselves first. We must be the example for the world we dream of - for our children’s children. Dream, Set Goals, Learn, Plan, Act. We must be the Gold Girl Scouts, and the Eagle Boy Scouts. That is the action we need to take, starting with ourselves - each of us, at home.

One simple last thought and I will wish you the best:

Please Embrace And Be The Positive Change We Need With All Your Hearts.

Bonne Chance - Ti auguro il meglio - Alles van die beste -祝一切顺利 - Всего наилучшего – You get the Idea - All the best, Felix

#peacebuilding #crisisintervention #changeprogrammes

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