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Family Safety with Fire, CO, and Gas Detection


Fire Alarm Panels

Lexco installs addressable fire alarm panels that pinpoint the exact location of a fire emergency.

Pull Stations

Lexco ensures code compliance by installing pull stations, water flow, tamper, and other devices at the required locations.

Smoke and Heat Detection

Lexco protects your business or office building with the appropriate smoke, heat, and fire detection equipment.

Lexco ensures code compliance by installing audio and visual notification at the required locations.

Horns and Strobes

Tests and Inspections

Lexco conducts regular, affordable tests and inspections as required by the NFPA And local fire marshalls.

Felix Giannini FPE, CPP is a degreed Fire Protection Engineer and life safety code expert who can answer all of your fire protection questions.

Fire System


& Design

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