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ASIS Italy and ASIS Southern CT Chapters Join Forces!

A new day has dawned – the era of ASIS International Sister Chapters is official. Two years in the making ASIS Italy and ASIS Southern CT have made it official. The idea is to share best practices between two distant regions of the world, and to promote the international nature of Security, Life Safety, Business Continuity, and Emergency Response. At the moment our plans are modest and in development; we plan to have links and pages for each other’s chapters on our respective web sites, we plan on having regular phone and skype meetings, we plan on being connected on LinkedIn and sharing posts and comments, we plan on sharing other publications including “white papers”, we plan on meeting at our annual conferences. We are open to your suggestions and to your replicating our initiatives as they work for you.

The idea began at the NYC ASIS chapters 24th Security Conference and Expo. In 2014 at that security conference, the NYC chapter hosted a wonderful networking evening event at the New York Athletic Club. I was lucky to be there, and it was there I met among the many dignitaries, an ASIS International member visiting from Italy; Michele Pontrelli CPP, CFE. Being of Italian decent, and a lover of the culture, I was happy to make Michele’s acquaintance. We talked about the CPP exam for which at the time Michelle was deep into his preparations. His biggest challenge being that the exam was only being given in the English system of measure, not the metric system – food for thought HQ! We talked about ASIS Italy and the challenges of one chapter covering an entire country of over 59 million people. We became friends that night exchanging emails and followed up by sharing my exam study and preparation information with him over the course of the ensuing months. It was a very happy day when I was one of the first people Michele informed of his CPP success. It was during this time when we began to speak about building an international inter-chapter relationship.

We look forward to sharing our success with all of you in the emergency services, security, life safety, IT, and other like professions covering both the public and private sectors. Stay safe and please stay in touch with your likes, comments, following and connection requests.

Copyright © 2015. Felix A. Giannini FPE, CPP. All rights reserved.

I love working in the life-safety, electronic, and physical security world. I also care greatly about business continuity program development, especially in the light of our global community and the greatly expanding weather and environmental related risks. I serve as a Vice-Chair in ASIS International’s Southern Connecticut Chapter as a board certified CPP. I am a committee member of the National Eagle Scout Association in the CT Yankee Council, and I am a state certified firefighter in Connecticut. I can be reached at .

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