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Beware of Companies Offering "FREE" Security Systems

Don't get trapped paying for an inferior security system over, and over again!

Many security companies offer "free" security systems -- however most of these offers are actually scams.  Taking the time to educate yourself about what to expect when purchasing a home or office security system will save you both time and money.


What is the contract period for the monitoring?

Companies get away with offering "free" security alarm systems by locking you into a long-term monitoring contract that is "self renewing" with an expensive monthly monitoring fee.

Lexco's low monitoring rates are renewed annualy at the discretion of the customer.

Will you be purchasing or "leasing" the alarm equipment?

Some alarm companies will "lease" you their alarm equipment.  Sometimes alarm companies will not allow you to take the alarm equipment with you if you move.  It is always better to purchase and "own" your alarm equipment.

With Lexco your own your alarm system

What is included in the security system?

"Free" alarm systems typically only include two doors, one motion sensor, one keypad, and one siren (all of which are inferior quality).  A complete security system will include:


• Quality alarm panel with battery backup (and earth ground)

• Keypads with "alpha" text

• Sirens (with voice messages) on every floor

 Contacts on all doors

• Pet-immune "dual technology" motion sensors

• Additional contacts on all easily accessible windows

• Smoke, heat, and gas detection

• Low temperature and flood alarms when applicable


We evaluate all of your security needs and allow you to choose the features that you desire.

Is the alarm equipment "exclusively distributed?"

Alarm companies will sometimes use "exclusively distributed" equipment that only they are authorized to sell and install.  They will often use special programming to "lock out" other installers and ensure that they are the only company that will ever be able to service the system.  Be sure to choose an alarm company that uses universally distributed equipment that can be serviced by any alarm company.

We only use universally distributed equipment that is serviceable by any alarm company.

Who will perform the installation and service the system?

Many of the large, "brand name" alarm companies will hire subcontractors to do the installation.  Often the salesperson has no knowledge about the character or competency of the person installing the system.

Only Lexco's trusted, expert technicians will install and service your security system.

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The best piece of mind for a lower monthly rate...

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