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Affordable Complete Home Security

Lexco installs non-proprietary alarm equipment that supports monitoring over a phone line, internet or cellular radio.

Quality Alarm


Perimeter Protection

Lexco provides many options for both hardwired and wireless door and window contacts and sensors.


Lexco installs easy-to-use keypads that include panic buttons for fire, silent police panic and medical emergencies.

Voice Message Over Speaker

Lexco ensures that speakers are audible from every floor and uses specific fire and burglar voice alerts to avoid confusion to occupants in the event of an emergency.


Lexco provides several options for hardwired and wireless motion sensors including options for pet immunity.

Interior Protection

Arm, disarm and monitor your security system from your smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world with Lexco's Total Connect 2.0 options.

Security at Your Fingertips

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