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Family Safety with Fire, CO, and Gas Detection

Lexco protects your family by installing hardwired or wireless smoke and heat detectors at the appropriate locations per local fire code.

Smoke and Heat Detection

Gas Detectors

Lexco protects you from propane and natural (methane) gas leaks by installing detectors that can alert the fire department of a potential disaster before it occurs.

Tests and Inspections

Lexco conducts regular, affordable tests and inspections as required by the NFPA And local fire marshalls.

Lexco protects your family and pets from this lethal yet odorless gas by installing hardwired or wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas detectors in the appropriate locations.

Carbon Monoxide 


Voice Message Over Speaker

Lexco ensures that speakers are audible from every floor and uses specific fire and burglar voice alerts to avoid confusion to occupants in the event of an emergency.


Felix Giannini FPE, CPP is a degreed Fire Protection Engineer and life safety code expert who can answer all of your fire protection questions.

Fire System


& Design

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