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Greetings to my business associates, friends and family, this is my first official Blog. I am starting this blog on April 8th 2014 with the launch of the new Lexco Security Systems web site and social media outlets and calling it “Life Safety 101” or “Moving the Project Forward” for several reasons: the first is so encourage all to return to basics when it comes to protecting life, property and business. The second is to encourage everyone to comply at more than the minimum with the prescribed codes developed to set those minimum benchmarks. Lastly to share quality information and ideas to help other people and society navigate this challenging world we live in.

These are my thoughts, sentiments, observations and suggestions expressed for your comments in the same way. I wish to enable positive discussions on important topics in the areas of protecting people, saving lives, protecting property and our economy, and ensuring business and government continuity of operations and services post a disaster. My perspective is that of a 57 year old who has tried to live this life with and open and inquisitive mind in the way of a student, teacher and Eagle Scout. My perspective is with a passion for learning and sharing knowledge and a little wisdom, and for helping the people of the world, especially those with special needs and challenges, and also for helping all people reach their highest noble goals and aspirations.

I would love to hear from you about topics you wish to be covered, your feedback on my postings and stories you wish to share in positive, constructive, helpful, and friendly ways. If you wish to comment on or share something you do not approve of, please make sure to include well thought out solution so we can together Move This Project Forward.

Please let me know what you think,


Felix Giannini, FPE, CPP


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