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Protecting Your Family at Home -- Honestly

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Their future is in our hands. It is our job to protect them.

As we walk our individual paths through life, we all want to be safe and secure in our homes and to be confident that when we are not home things will be ok. Maybe you think a home security system is the answer? Beware, when it comes to home security systems most of the systems sold fail to provide the protection you really need. Most alarm companies only care about getting maximum monthly revenue by minimum effort, not your family’s ultimate safety.

A sad story is the “free” or low cost home security system. Just take one minute to think about it – what are you expecting to get, except for being taken advantage of? For honest family protection, this is not the way. I hope that this article will convince you to be more aware of all your needs and to be very discerning when it comes to protecting your family and home.

Your first job is to do your homework and to make use of the many free sources unbiased expert advice. Best if you are aware of all of the hazards, and their probability of happening – this is the first step. While a crime is a very real concern, life safety is an even greater concern – fire, carbon monoxide, propane and natural gas, flood, furnace failure and storms cause more harm to people and property than crime, yet are often overlooked. Very few alarm system sales persons are experts in all these areas.

So where do you turn for solid unbiased advice? Via the internet, the National Fire Protection Association safety information page is an excellent resource, so , and FEMA Take the time to learn from these great resources - you pay for them with your tax dollars. Your local police and fire departments are there to serve you – most have dedicated safety officers to help you make educated choices, they will come to your home.

Once you know the hazards the next step is to make a plan – not purchase a system. Sure a system is important, but not until you have a complete plan. As an example a fire alarm can be worthless without a rehearsed escape plan. Do you have children with third floor or basement bedrooms? Do you have propane or natural gas (methane) in your home? Propane and Methane gasses require special detectors in addition to carbon monoxide detectors. Do you live in a flood prone area or near to industrial hazards? What are the exact crime issues in your area? These questions will help you to decide your security system needs. Take the time to rehearse emergency escape plans with your children, babysitters, and other dependents. It could easily save lives. Remember that every home needs to have a“Go Bag” just in case of an emergency.

Now that you have a list of hazards and a plan it’s time to move forward: a life safety and security system, better locks, proper insurance, smart lighting, family escape drills, backup power and communications, mutual aid agreements with family, friends and neighbors, sump pumps – now you have the right idea. If you cannot do it all at once, no problem, prioritize based on knowledge, probability, cost and other needs. As you can see you do have many unbiased expert resources, please use them first before you call your local professional alarm company.

Stay safe, Felix

Thanks for reading. I hope you will like, follow or comment below!

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