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Baltimore Riots – A New Plan for Everyone

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The unfolding Baltimore story; tired political rhetoric, protests around the country, the media’s self-serving reporting, the silence of law enforcement, and our inability to evolve our country out of this oft repeating story. This sadly familiar event speaks to a state of our society that begs for a true quantum leap in how we operate, it cannot be the same old efforts if we want different results. Pray that those people who would resort to violent protest pause and realize that the voting booth is where their voice will be heard and the where changes we need will be realized.

We need a new plan – one with heart and mind. Within our current political system hundreds of years of trying proves we will never be able to stop this sad history from repeating itself. Too many politicians have their lively hoods based in their political careers, coupled with two year election cycles we need look no further - this is the root of our inability to make meaningful changes in our society. The solutions we need are too complex, and require greater time and money than can be supported by legislators who care way too much about being re-elected. It is a shame that in the USA with all our resources and wealth that we cannot muster the political heart, smarts and wherewithal to create meaningful change. Or can we… if we do the world will follow, the changes will not only amaze, but free us from the yoke of military spending, and government cronyism.

We need the right first step. Where can we find and how can we get to the tipping point we need? Perhaps it is in a ballot initiative: Would you support the adoption of the organizing of the many humanitarian think tanks, universities, and respected individuals who have already expressed great ideas for change into a super committee charged with developing a dynamic, reasoned, flexible plan to evolve our government and political systems? They would develop a gradual long term plan that is organic, safe and controlled with regular re-visitation for adjustments, which would allow us to achieve restructuring in the law, courts, medical services, schools and most importantly the jobs of federal and state representatives, senators, and executive branch leaders. They would develop a gradual long term plan to eliminate the costly incompatibilities of programs state to state, and address the cancerous conflicts of interest in government jobs both elected and appointed that prevent them from doing to job we need done for the changes that will evolve our world so that our future generations can thrive and prosper in peace.

As security and life safety professionals we need to work together, we need to make changes in how we perform our very important jobs, in the same way we need to revisit our emergency response plans and actions. We need to lead by example and be the brave ones in the face of danger. As a country, we need to be honest, kind, generous, involved, and very smart. We will all need to be patient and open to change because the plan we need to get to our dream and subsequent monetary savings is going to take a long time and the kind of money we spend every day at war. Lastly, we need to VOTE.

Will you get involved in the solution? Will you vote?

I am and I do.

#BaltimoreRiots #Baltimore #BaltimoreSecurity #BaltimoreProtests

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