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Protecting our Houses of Worship

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A recent post by Vincent J. Bove, CPP “Sanctuary Profaned: Protecting America’s Houses of Worship” reminded me of my responsibility; as a security and life safety systems integrator I am a key part of a team. A team that includes the complete set of emergency responders (Police, Fire and Medical), the spiritual leadership, office management, worshiping community, local government and me. And, that I have a pivotal role in helping my house of worship clients to re-think their security, not just the electronic systems, but more important the human systems.

Electronic systems are only an aid within the context of a well thought out plan and program. It is my responsibility to help my clients see the bigger picture and to help them assemble a team, craft a complete plan with the focus on people being more vigilant. It is also my responsibility encourage my clients to periodically rehearse emergency response to the most likely hazards they face whether those hazards be from natural, man or technological origins. And to make improvements to those plans as times and conditions change.

Sadly, very few security systems integrators think beyond the monthly revenue they garner from the systems they install. Hopefully your message will reach those persons managing our houses of worship, and they will take greater care when protecting their worshipers by becoming more involved in the security plans and choices they make.

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