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Emergencies, Disasters, Crisis and Catastrophes


Emergencies, Disasters, Crisis and Catastrophes: know the difference between these terms. Emergencies require immediate attention, examples are: a local crime spree, nearby forest fire, floods from any source, power failures, accidents, supplier failures, loss of key employees – they are very localized, and with immediate potential for further damage or loss if left unchecked or unresolved.

Disasters are large scale emergencies effecting populations and regions. Emergencies will lead to crisis when critical levels of system failure have been reached and losses effect business, infrastructure survivability.

Crisis are disasters gone bad, critical systems have failed, damage has stopped production, and infrastructure is no longer available, government is overwhelmed or worse cannot function. Crisis can be personal, regional, business, infrastructure based, or governmental (services, programs, resources). Crisis intervention requires remediation or restoration to pre-crisis levels as quickly as possible to stop the downward spiral to catastrophe – the worst possible outcome.

The best source for preparedness information is our own FEMA web site andReady.GOV great examples of our government at its best. Take it from an Eagle Scout; Be Prepared!

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