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Lexco has provided industry leading, affordable security systems to Fairfield, New Haven, and Westchester Counties for over 35 years.  Our workmanship has stood the test of time and we continue to innovate with new technologies and expanded services.

Lexco uses only high-quality equipment and parts.  Unlike our competitors we do not lease our equipment; once we install it you own it. Also, our monthly monitoring rates are more affordable.

Lexco technicians are extremely knowledgeable, and maintain a high standard of workmanship. They receive continuous education on all of the newest technologies. They are also very conscientious, neat, and clean.

Lexco takes great pride in offering the best piece of mind to our customers.  We value an informed and educated customer so we make the effort to provide thorough end- user training in addition to an extensive array of resources.

2020 Security Manifesto

Emergencies to Catastrophies

Security Threat Prep

Felix Giannini FPE, CPP Security Channel

Terrorism Mitigation

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