Security, Life Saftey and Business Continuity Information

by Felix Giannini, FPE, CPP

Sadly, today more than ever we need to be concerned about terrorism throughout the world. Sadly, because we could have done a better job unifying the peoples of the world in a more equitable, respectful and balanced way – more about this later. Since we did not; here w...

When in 100 years we actually know the combined clean-up costs for Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima, which we will all pay for in very real dollars – One trillion for my example. We can then amortize that cost over the some three hundred commercial nuclear p...

Their future is in our hands. It is our job to protect them.


As we walk our individual paths through life, we all want to be safe and secure in our homes and to be confident that when we are not home things will be ok. Maybe you think a home security system is the answ...

The unfolding Baltimore story; tired political rhetoric, protests around the country, the media’s self-serving reporting, the silence of law enforcement, and our inability to evolve our country out of this oft repeating story.  This sadly familiar event speaks to a sta...

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